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Default Re: Knot to swim bait and iron

You’re right, those knots with at least a double line through the eye are much stronger than any of the singles.

I just tried the double SD jam as pictured and it’s up there with Berkeley Braid knot for strength. But, it’s a pain to tie in the 30# flouro I’m using. Like the Berkeley Braid it makes a really big knot and it’s even more difficult to tighten, I had to pull out some tools. I probably wouldn’t select this one for use on the boat either.

By the way, with the 30# Seaguar Blue that I’m using, the strongest knots are breaking about 28.5#-29# according to my ghetto tester. The second tier of knots break right about 1# lower. For ease of tying that’s probably good enough for my tuna lures.


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