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Default Re: Knot to swim bait and iron

Originally Posted by Paddler View Post
I found a couple of links. Interesting:


Why Your Palomar Fishing Knot Breaks! - YouTube

The second link shows how FC chafes.
The problems I've found by relying on all these prostaff type videos of knots and testing them are it's not real world from my experience. Some knots aren't easily tied on bouncing ocean boat, like a live bait hook needs to be. Another is they don't compare the lines I use such as floro from 25# to 100# like I use daily. One knot for bass fishing with 20# doesn't really mean anything to me when I don't use that line at all. Last thing is most anytime someone takes the time to make a video showing their way is best it usually has something to do with all the sponsors on their shirt paying for their time or gear.

Testing in my garage the way I tie the knot makes it easy to know what really works for me. Set the drag with a scale to 33% of the leader breaking strength and I've got a pretty reliable setup, unless I'm getting spooled by unknown Mr big [emoji4]

I also can only remember about 2-3 knots, so if I learn a new one it's gotta be pretty universal because I surely forgot how to tie the last one when I learned the new one.
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