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Originally Posted by Paddler View Post
I'm curious about rockfish jigs. I have 4 oz molds for both diamond and flutter jigs, so I can make them for pennies. Not paying $15 for a jig. I'd just use a Palomar to a snap swivel. Easy change out.
They do different things. Butterfly (or knife) jigs are designed to fall very, very fast despite being fairly light, so that they can get down to 150' or more in a few seconds. You can use a light jig and get down to a school of tuna that are 100+ feet under the boat, even in a stiff wind. They are fished by ripping them up through the water column with an erratic pattern that provokes reaction strikes. Flutter jigs are designed to fall slowly, so it's a little harder to effectively fish the same depths (especially when there is wind), and the tuna have a lot more time to give them the hairy eyeball before trying to eat one.

Diamond jigs work better for getting down quickly, but they have worked better for me cast out towards surface feeding fish than dropped down deep. The tail wiggle they have doesn't compare to the bonkers zig zag the butterfly jigs have.

You can catch tuna on all of them, but the butterfly jigs action and intended depth/use is very different than the other two. You also can't use it with a swivel, as it introduces 2 new pivot points that interfere with the jigs action on the retrieve.
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