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Default Re: Flexible vs. stiff blade filet knife?

As stated above it just depends on what type of fileting you are going to be doing. If you want to do the "guide filet" you would need a stiff blade, if you want to filet the fish bones out you will need a flexible blade. So to have all your bases covered just buy 2
You can't beat Cutco "fishermans solution" for a stiff sharp lasting edge blade. There are lots of options for a flexible blade but be sure it has a curve and not a staight blade so you don't hack the meat. I have had several but personally prefer a Forschner. You want a very hard metal for your stiff blade as it is going through bones. But you want a softer metal blade for your filet knife so you can get and keep a very sharp edge on it quickly and repeatedly . As Thumper stated above if you are doing a bunch of fish at one time like in Alaska an electric isn't a bad way to go.
So there is no 1 perfect knife for all conditions or types of fileting.
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