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Late report from Sunday, 10/18/2020. Got to Silver Cove about Noon & was fishing about 15 minutes later. Started at the T of the canal behind the office with double trout magnet rigs. Fished about 3 different places, including on the corner and ended up catching a couple Bluegill, a couple Crappie and a Perch, nothing with any size in an hour plus.

Decided to go try the canal behind the Event Center in the middle of the resort. Nothing for about 5 minutes then 4 fish in 4 casts, maybe one keeper. Missed on the next cast, then a 5th in 6 casts, but then it went dead. I was only about 100 feet from the end of the canal and decided to move down to where I could see some structure.

Ended up dialing it in to two white trout magnets and had very steady fishing for the next several hours. Ended up losing two rigs to the tree gods & tied on a chartreuse/ white top jig with all white below & caught 8 or 10 Bluegill in a row on the chartreuse/ white jig.

At one point after a lost rig, I decided to tie on a 1/32 oz crappie jig with a green/ white skirt & skip the bobber. Cast out, count to 3 to get the jig down and start working it back. My success rate was not quite as high as with a bobber, but the grade of fish was better and all of them were Crappie.

The Crappie were about 3' down on Sunday, for what it's worth & I did get one double, although the smaller upper fish came off before getting them in. I definitely caught more than a limit's worth of keepers, though I released all fish that day.

If you're looking for better size crappie and have some jigs to donate, with a little practice you can likely get a higher percentage of keepers if you learn to use the old school crappie jigs with a green/ white skirt tight lining with no bobber. Will drop about a foot per second, vary the depth until you find them. YMMV

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