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Originally Posted by Joek View Post
All right Sammy - impressive Koke count. I’ve taken a month off, but will launch Saturday.

Merwin or Yale? I’ve never targeted kokes in early October. Got any suggestions? How deep? Where? Colors? I’ve got plenty to learn.

At this point, I’m the one who’s hooked. My counts have been considerably better at Yale.
Yale is pretty much done for the year. I would try merwin. You will be getting next years spawners that are about the same size as Yales spawners now. I would guess that they should start coming up a bit with the water temps cooling. This time of year in merwin you will have to deal with the squaw fish but they do make tasty food for the eagles and osprey. Also check out cougar creek. It looks like we did not catch them all. I stopped by there to day and lots of red spawners in the creek... kool!
Well Erv,,,,, Seeing how well that didn't work,,, maybe we should use the net on the next one!
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