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Default Re: The Crappie are coming - The crappie are coming!

What I use is VERY productive, Trout magnets in Orange & white body and a pink trout magnet jig hook. I use a two jig rig under a small weighted bobber (fish pull it under easily and catch rate is thru the roof). The other color I used the most is chartreuse/ black.
I use the chartreuse 16inches below the bobber and the Orange and white at 21 inches. The black has a good silhouette higher in the water Colum and bright colors show up better a bit deeper because most fish are around 18 inches below the surface. So when the fish are below the black helps them see the bait more than other colors. And bright colors show up better when below the fish.
I try a few presentations that are very productive at times. Twitch pause...
A S L O W reel in the bobber. or a drag and pause.
Trout magnets can be picked up at "Crappie Magnets on line". The jigs are 1/64oz. White trout magnets are also very good.

As for location of the best concentrations of fish: The "T" intersection of the dead end canal right behind the check in office is one of the best places! the best place for quantity of fish every year is in the dead end not far from the road. and I have done well at the opening to the of the bay with the boat ramp everyone launches at "Silver Cove Resort".
Perch are near the bottom. So if you are catching perch and you are after crappie you are fishing too deep. The Blue Gill are in the pads and near the shore line. As you see a boat go by look for pads to make a small shake. that is from fish being spooked and running into the lily pad stems. That is the area! there is a Limit on crappie of 10 per day and no limit on perch or Blue Gill.

Remember to keep moving till you are catching more fish that other people around you or about the same, but still keep looing for an even better spot. Late in the month the crappie will FILL the canals around the resort and you can catch them near and far from shore. Earlier in the month the fish hang a little closer to the bank or pads.
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