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Originally Posted by pearl View Post
Are you one of those guys that gets done fishing all day and comes home and leans your rods in corner of the garage

I was

I put this rod organizer together for just under $7.00

The frame is made of 1" X 2"'s. The rod holder part is standard PVC pipe cut in 10" lengths and placed 8" apart.

I drilled a 1/4" hole on the top and bottom of one side of each piece of PVC. On the opposite side a 1/8" hole was drilled for a screw to go through. Your larger hole allows your screwdriver to go inside the PVC and drive the screw through the backside of the PVC and into the wood frame.

Simple to build and keeps my rods an a very orderly manner.

Hey Pearl, we did it today and just love it! We don't have as many rods as you but 10 laying around the garage waiting to be broken forced Lou and i to finally do it. Thanks so much for the pic.

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