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Originally Posted by marys netter View Post
Wore out at least 4 little chiefs, kept 1 and bought 2 big chiefs and for the past at least 50 years have never had the need to "clean the Smoker"!
Bang the smoke and chip residue out once a year and hand wire brush the racks and "Pam" or olive oil racks once a year and your good to go.
(I smoke "LOTSA" and most goes to Az. friends)
BTW havn't bought "chips" in almost that long too! Old guy syndrome!
I haven't bought chips for years either. I use a combination of vine maple, alder, and cedar that I cut down, dry, debark, and chop. Tastes way better.
Originally Posted by pinhead2 View Post
GFIs are tripped via the current leakage from hot to ground. As little as .1 amp will cause a trip. Circuit load has nothing to do with a gfi trip. If this just started happening it is likely that your smoker has some poor insulation causing the trip, which would not be unusual with a cheap appliance but it could be as simple as a bad power cord.
Good luck
The resistance from the water in the coil will trip them too. Cooking will dry them out.
Just because they're stored inside doesn't make them immune to water absorption.

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