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Default Re: Anybody had to fire their doctor?

What about just shooting straight with her? "Hey, I'm having a hard time with some of our conversations. I need to know [insert need here] before we go farther and it feels like your head is elsewhere."
That's exactly how I want to approach it. That's always been my style. Knock down the doctor/patient barrier for a minute and talk like normal people. I don't want to do it on the phone, but I might not have a choice.

I don't mean to keep moaning about this, but there's a lot of factors at play. About 6 months ago I decided to listen to the warnings I've been getting about my health for the last 20 years. My body was like a old satellite in a decaying orbit above the planet. Not a matter of if, but when it was gonna burn up in the atmosphere. So I made some big changes and dropped about 50 unneeded pounds. Just when I was starting to feel pretty good, I started coming apart at the seams. In the last 4 months I've had more doctor appointments than in the last 15 years. I was always aware of the sorry state of our health care system, but now I'm getting a buttfull of it. A lot of frustration. This latest issue that I'm seeing this specialist for isn't life threatening, just really annoying and inconvenient. And I need to get it fixed ASAP due to some potential insurance issues, which is why I'm reluctant to just fire her outright. And it's VERY expensive for such a short procedure.
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