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Glade for the heads up! I payed the ever increasing costs but will have to sit this prime fishing weekend out while all the free bee's have at it. How many free fish days do we have ??? I know that instead of buying license's many fair weather fisherman and out of state anglers can just hit it during the all the free weekend fishing dates that crowd fishing holes and camp grounds, just like a two day season on sturgeon in the Willamette brings thousands all at once.. At work I have heard fellows say they don't get a license any more because they know they can take advantage of the free fishing weekends so they reduce their fishing accordingly I was hoping ODFW could list the dates far in advance so I can schedule my fishing and camping during those times so I can skip having to contribute to odfw for my family members who fish sporadically. Used to be I would get a license then Guilt them into getting their moneys worth by going fishing more. Funny how they can devalue fishing while increasing the cost at the same time

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