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Default Re: The state patrol rolling slowdown.

Doesn't your tire size affect the speedometer?

When its heavy, commuter-time traffic, I have noticed that the on ramps plug things up so in those areas, I drive the middle lane. In light traffic, I drive the right lane. If the left lane is fairly open and I'm going some distance and traffic is slow in the 2 right lanes, I'll drive that but I keep an eye on the rear view mirror and if someone is catching up, I'll get over and let the idiot pass and hope to see him/her pulled over down the road. Never do, dang it! I maintain 55-60 or just go with the flow of traffic.

Most rude drivers on the road? Young women! Insurance companies ought to do to them what they used to automatically do to young men years ago. Your insurance rate is based on your gender and age if under 26. They seem to have such an attitude behind the wheel. I know...not fair. Some good young women drivers. Next worst drivers? Old men. Probably could remove all their car mirrors and they would never notice. And, heaven forbid, you signal to move into their lane ahead of them. They'll close that gap as quick as they can. Heck, there's just a whole lot of rude drivers out there period!

Heavy commuter traffic and on ramps? I always let one or two cars in...I wonder if everyone did that, there wouldn't be such a bottle neck. I always leave space behind the car in front of me but geez...never fails that someone who thinks they can weave in and out and get ahead of the mess will dart in at the last minute causing me to hit the brake. Next car is definitely going to have an automatic transmission....shift, shift, shift in heavy traffic.

But I digress AGAIN! Sorry (and I'll pass a cop if I can do it without exceeding the speed limit)
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