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Originally Posted by flatocean View Post

Brian (Mojo Risin) Sam his son, Andy (Razor Clam) and I have done the Royal Star trip first week in October with Larry Brown as the charter master. We/ve fished both Guadaluape Island and last year did on shore for varied species. It's a one week trip and we've done well at Guadaluape when we fished there, and last year onshore had all the fish we could want but they weren't of size. Larry is a great charter master always ready to help and sharing gear etc. We're going again next year (5th year ), but Sam is getting married and may not be able to go. The trip is usually full, but Traci will sometimes allow us to substitute someone else if one of us can't make it. Have been on longer 11 day trips on the Royal Star but one week is more to my liking. Possible we could get you on the trip if any interest
Flatocean (boats Slabhunter & Nancy J)
First week in Oct is a possibility if we don't draw a deer tag. the general season lasts a month and I'm unlikely to get one then anyway. But I want fish of some size, not the size of our albacore, gotta be at least 50 lb to be of much interest to me.
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