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Originally Posted by uhmw View Post
The crappi will school along the rocks at the mouth by the campers at dawn dusk and at night. I caught alot of them with a cane pole and a red and white jig in frount of camp site 1,2 and 3. Last year the fish were the biggest I have seen in a long time.
I could not find these elusive crappies last year. You will catch some nice small mouths by accident for sure. Year before last found them up by Phillipi campground bays. Further up you will find the cats in May. Don’t wait too long, these waters get weedy and tough to fish. Put a crappie jig with a short skirt under a bobber about 3 ft. And cast near shore. The kids will catch many species. Apiece of worm on a hook works well for the gills and the many pumpkinseeds.
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