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Originally Posted by Don Fischer View Post
In my expert opinion, till they quit biting! Slow right now. Went out Friday to the Dam, wanted catfish and didn't find them. Cruised to shore slowly and found a lot of crappie. Quite a ways off the bank in about 40' of water and holding between 20 to 30 feet. Managed to hook one and biggest I've ever seen. Had to be at least 12" and I tried to lift it in the boat on the line and it broke my leader, 2# test! Sucker was huge!

Most of the time places we went for catfish, we went at night.
We tied a sinker on bottom of line. Above i tied on 2 leaders & hooks separated by about 16". I used nightcrawlers, or pileworms, or cut anchovie usually. We usually fished from shore so i put a bell on the rod tip, went into the rv until i heard the bell go ...ding ding......reel in the catfish . Often it was a Channel Catfish.

That crappie must have been the Queen...
"Have You Kissed a Bass Today?"

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