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Originally Posted by plugs View Post
My fishing partner in crime and myself kicked off our winter crappie season. We had a great day. Kinda got off to a late start @ the crack off 9:30 and done by 11 AM. with both of us catching our crappie limits (10 ea.) After that we kept fishing for perch and bluegill and kept around 200 perch and a dozen or so bluegill for the day. There were maybe 25 bank fishermen and maybe 15 other boats through out the day. We fished back in the Streeters canal. 1/64 oz. chartreuse tube jigs 15 inches below our bobbers. The key to hammering the crappie was keep it moving. We were reeling the handle 2 times, stoping for no more than 3 seconds and reel again and that was what was working best for us.
Good stuff!!

We need more people fishing for these to get the size up!!
Just like kokanee lakes...too many fish is bad for size.
God does not deduct from man's allotted span, the hours spent fishing!!
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