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First Ilwaco Tuna...2011... remember SeaYa... 36 ft yellowfin Triple 300 zukes... my good friend Wayne owned it and we decided July 3 2011 we were going to get the first Ilwaco Tuna with crew of 4-5... fishing day cane everyone bailed except Wayne and me... bar was restricted to 36 feet so Uscg talked to us since we were like 36.6 and let us go. We headed south and started trilling we finally got a double and got 1 peanut in and said it’s fine to go. GPS said it was 101 miles to the tip
Of the south jetty so away we went in a hurry.... had about a 900 Fuel bill to split 2 ways for 1 fish on the 4 th of July.... man that fish tasted good... honest true story ... would not change a thing if I could do it again... it’s all about the adventure
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