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Default New Bait Containers Are Aid To Anglers

New Bait Containers Are Aid To Anglers
By Stan Fagerstrom

You don’t have to look very hard to find experienced fishermen who have a high a regard for those lures that come with a built-in scent.

Over my desk as I write this there’s a plastic bag holding a 10-inch black plastic worm with a blue tail attached to a bulletin board. Next to it is another bag holding a spinnerbait that called a Stan’s Spin.

Those two baits are up there for a reason. Tough as my day might be, when I take the time to simply relax and eyeball them again they bring back some great memories. The lures are those that I used to put the two largest bass I’ve ever caught into the boat.

What’s that got to do with scent? Plenty where the plastic worm is concerned. That worm, you see, is a Berkley Power Worm. This worm, especially in a black and blue color has long been of the most productive lures at famed Lake El Salto. That’s where my largest bass came from.

There are lots of great scented and salted worms on the market. Regular readers of this column, for example, know how I feel about Yamamoto’s Senkos. I’m simply not going to be on bass water without them.

But it’s not that Power Worm or the Stan’s Spin spinnerbait up there on the bulletin board I have in mind right now. What I’m thinking are new containers than can be a great help to anglers using Berkley’s Gulp baits.

If you’ve eyeballed a Berkley catalog or checked the company’s Internet website lately you know what I’m talking about. I know both bass and panfish anglers who swear by the catching capabilities of these baits.

I’ve not had a lot of experience with Gulp lures. When I have used them in the past I sometimes found myself wishing there was an easier way to carry the wide variety of shapes and sizes in which they are available.

Evidently I wasn’t the only angler out there who felt that way. The reason I say that is because now Berkley has come up with a Gulp bait management container. If you’re using these lures yourself or planning to do so, this new container is something you’ll want to see.

If you've experienced problems finding a different Gulp bait when you felt it was time for a change, this new container makes it easy. It puts whatever you want right there at your fingertips.

My friend Hank Parker was one of the first to call my attention to these new bait containers. I never got to fish with Hank during the more than 30 years I often rode as an observer with contestants in the annual Bassmasters Classic. I did get to know and respect what he had to say about fishing as well as well as some of the other important aspects of life.

“I love Gulp baits,” Hank says, “but I found I was often searching for different sizes or shapes whenever I wanted to change from one to another. Berkley’s new management system makes it easy to store both large and small Gulp baits.”

As usual, Hank knows what he’s talking about. I have one of these containers myself. Note the illustrations that accompany this column. The container is made of polypropylene plastic. It comes in two different styles.

One model has two large compartments and four small compartments. The other model has eight of the small compartments.

Each of these compartments comes with a specially sealed lid that prevents spillage as well as evaporation. Those lids do their intended job nicely provided you don’t screw up and forget to make sure the lid is securely positioned when you close it.

The two large compartments of the one container are designed to hold 4, 5 and 6-inch Gulp baits. The four small compartments on either of the containers are made to accommodate 1, 2 and 3-inch sizes in these lures.

The size of either of these containers is 9-inches wide, 14-inches long and 1-iches deep. That means they’ll easily fit into the storage compartments of your boat or even some of the tackle bags now available.

Here's what the new Gulp container look like when it's loaded with baits.

I find myself wishing I’d of had these containers when I was using pork rind trailers so much. I was forever forgetting to take care of the pork trailer I had been using when I fired up to run from one spot to another. If that pork chunk or rind I had attached wasn’t kept wet for any length of time it dried out, shriveled up and had to be replaced.

I’ve preached for maybe too long how important it is to change baits if the fish fail to respond. If you’re among the anglers who are using Gulp baits, you’re going to want to get yourself one or both of these containers. They make the bait changing process a heck of a lot easier.

And that may well turn out to mean more fish!

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