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Default Bulk/batch texting

I am confused and learning a whole bunch of stuff.

Now I’m trying to learn about bulk texting. I am helping someone sell fish off of their boat and I need to text a whole bunch of people to tell them what kind of fish they have “this week”, etc. or, do a poll to see how they’d like it delivered, or picked up.

I collected a bunch of phone numbers when we sold tuna off the boat last time—and email addresses and downloaded this free program to do texts. It worked just fine except for one of the people would write me back saying “hey I want some lingcod” and everyone on the list would receive it! It got so that it made people annoyed. I don’t want to do that again!

So, I guess I can’t use a free service. Or does anybody know? This guy doesn’t have a whole Lotta capital to work with. He is a fisherman after all.

But, does anybody have any experience with this? Some kind of small business program that I could buy so that I could do the Coded texting that businesses do when you sign up with all that “stop” stuff on it so they can cancel and not hate me!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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