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I'll be presenting a 75 minute seminar on weather forecasting and making the go or no-go decision. Although it will include bar crossings, the emphasis will be on all the factors that must be considered. There are five of them, one for each finger.

* Bar crossing outbound in the morning
* Bar crossing inbound on the way home (tide will be different, swell may be different too)
* Sea conditions (wind and swell) beyond the bar
* Visibility - might there be fog?
* Forecast trend - what does the forecast look like 8 hours AFTER you plan to be back? Is it getting worse (possible sucker window) or getting better?

To justify a "go" decision, a captain must be satisfied that all five factors are ok. You can request a free guide to the Five Factors on my website https://www.theoceancoach.com/

The seminar is Saturday at 11:00. The rest of the time I'll be in the Ocean Coach booth so please come by and introduce yourself. I'll have water, snacks and a place to sit and relax, ask questions or tell fish stories. My 14 foot rowing wherry will be standing up against the wall, so you can check out the smallesst tuna boat in the fleet.

One of the auction prizes will be a package of four coaching sessions, customized to your exact needs. The entire show is put on by the nonprofit Oregon Coalition for Educating Anglers (OCEAN) and is 100% run by volunteers. Your auction dollars go directly to support OCEAN's conservation and education efforts.

I'll see you at the show!
...helping you become the captain everyone trusts... https://www.theoceancoach.com/

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