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...Another day of great progress thanks to even greater friends! My best friend is a cabinet maker by hobby, and agreed to help me build a new storage cabinet in place of the old factory unit. It originally held a sink, stove and refrigerator. The fridge and stove were long gone, and the sink didn't work. We pulled that cabinet out, as a boat of this size doesn't need those kinds of amenities. What I needed was fishing tackle storage! He used the pieces he removed to make a template for the new cabinet, making the new cabinet larger and better constructed. The cabinet is now pre-fabbed, so that we can assemble it in place, in the boat, since the opening to the cabin is so small.

Here it is ready to go in, minus the trim pieces. Once in I'll varnish it in place so it will have a teakwood look to it. I threw a tackle box in there for comparison. It will hold 18 of those tackle boxes in the top two shelves.

(Sorry about the sideways pictures...)

This pic shows the side profile of the cabinet, that follows the hull of the boat.

I had my brother sand down the swim deck for me, and he did a great job. The Teakwood was really old (26 years to be exact), and was splitting badly. There was almost no varnish on it anymore, so it had been unprotected for a long time. Once it was sanded down I taped it off and used wood glue to fill in the cracks, allowing the glue to seep into the cracks as much as it wanted, to fill and strengthen the wood. Once it's completely dry I'll sand the glue down and then re-varnish the deck. I'll do the bow plank in the same manner, though the bow plank is in worse shape.

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