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Hello, I'd like to throw my hat into the pot for sea duty! My name is Mark, and live 1.5 hours from newport. I am self employed, and normally have a pretty flexible schedule with a little advance notice.

About ten years ago I decided to buy a farm, and I have cows, bass and trout fishing, and deer hunting without leaving the place, but long for the ocean... My current boat is great in the lakes or bay, but not large enough for me to be comfortable crossing the bar.

Regarding experience, in the early 80's my dad had a boat moored in newport, and we were out frequently during the summer. Back then I took a coast guard auxillary course, and have a current oregon boat operators licence. I can plot a loran course in the ugliest fog newport sees, not that anyone uses loran's any more. I have done quite a bit of bottom and salmon fishing, but it's been too many years ago. I have been a guest on many boats, and know how to use a scrubbrush after the trip.

I do have a handheld GPS, poles adequate for salmon, and access to borrow heavier gear if necessary. My parents still live 1 mile from south beach marina, so newport is certainly my preference.

I'd greatly appreciate the opportunity to join in and help out on a trip!

Thanks in advance

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