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John and Roger,
Met you both a couple of years ago at a TA mtg. at the lucky lab. Drove up from KFalls for it if you remember. Well, OK, I got my employer to send me to a training session in portland that week, but the TA mtg. definately played into the session I signed up for. Anyway, haven't had a chance to hook up with either of you yet and still want to. I did get a chance to go out with Ron M last year and had a good time. He's got a very fishy boat, and was a good skipper. I imagine he'd give me a good refference. Anyway, keep me in mind. It's about a 6hr drive to Newport so I need an according amount of notice to get there the night before. Now for the desire / experience part...

Very experienced around boats and fishing in general, have a boat of my own. Have some gear, but I doubt any of it is tuna or halibut worthy. Maybe halibut, definately not tuna. My other hobby is blacksmithing, so there's always a steak turner or beer opener gift involved for the skipper. Oh, and I can't eat canned tuna anymore. Last fall, a friend of a friend had some fresh albacore he caught with Kujo, that we had grilled. The desire??? I'll bring the Wasabi and soy... As for the fishing desire. How the heck do you describe that? After reading this board for the last however long it's been, it kills me that I haven't been out to catch either a tuna or a halibut. I have dreams and nightmares about it. I need a fix and I'm not even "addicted" yet. That's bad isn't it... Well, sorry for the long windedness.
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