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Salmonator: Appreciate your sense of humor, it goes with a good fishing trip! There are a lot of guys fishing and playing in a lot of different brands of aluminum boats, having fun and doing fine for their use. You'd be a fool to think that all of them are built the same. Some uses don't need the beef (and added weight) of more structure or better motor mounts. don't know of anyone who has more than two moter mounts in their construction, but if you want an example.....look at the motor mounts on a Customweld builtmore than 1 1/2 years ago.....then compare them to my Northwest or some other brands.....there are a lot of them over here hanging on the repair shop walls....bent and sagging.....so my comments are to look closely, become knowledgeable, ask questions of other boat owners, look at lots of boats, and evaluate your needs before buying a boat. Like others on this site, my boat had to meet family needs or wouldn't have happened.
The sterns of boats used extensively in whitewater get more pounding than those mainly subjected to bow waves. Go through the factory prior to buying any new boat and evaluate boats under various stages of construction before buying and if you don't....don't complain about surprises...just fix them and enjoy your time on the water. Have fun fishing and boating.
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