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Alumawelds...ugly and maybe a little over priced. I see they are pushing the spotjet in their boats to get the price down.

I visited Siglers the other day and noticed a new offering from Duckworth, finally a newer design from duck. Since weldcraft now is a major owner of Duck I guess it stands to reason that they might get into the new century with a new boat,not just hashed out older stuff with more fluff. The boat is 19' and really wide I can not believe how much room this little 19'er has. The boat has a winshield simular to Motion Marine the 3 window type (no side windows)priced around $21,000. The boat has a 351 redline v-8 with American Turbine. When a guy has a boat you always look at what is new and where your next boat might come from. I still really love my Weldfraft, but impressed by the new Duckworth offering.


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