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Originally Posted by angelo pappas View Post
I'm surprised the hatchery spring Chinook runs on the wilson/ trask/ nestucca are still going. There are few if any wild ones on these rivers anymore. Not sure if that is due to hatchery fish or other factors, but given their near extinction it would seem wise to stop these hatchery programs ASAP to save the few remaining wild ones in this case. What few natives that do return are usually gut hooked on herring in bay or eggs in rivers and then released bleeding only to die, perpetuating the cycle of extinction.

I am not anti hatchery in general, but this is one of the few cases where I would strongly support ending hatchery programs here/ close fishing to protect what few wild spring Chinook remain here.
Funny, kind of seems like you are, as you hijack a thread celebrating the success of this volunteer program.


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