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Default Re: Northwest Steelheaders thread

McLoughlin Chapter of Northwest has a meeting on May 14th. The Guest speaker for May is scheduled to be a representative from Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership. They will be talking about the water project that is scheduled to begin here within the next year or so across the Willamette
from Gladstone water intake, across Meldrum Bar and over to Lake Oswego's Walluga Reservoir and off to the pump station at Tigard. It is a trenchless method using a drilling method called horzional directional drilling. This is going to be a big project, and they want to come talk to fishermen to explain exactly what will be taking place and what kind of disruption there will be and when and what to expect. If you want to hear first hand and not second hand, attend the meeting on May 14th, at Denny's on old 82nd. To hear first hand is way better...that way you will get the FACTS straight.
See you there!
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