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Not sure if you still need help, but i've been to Anchorage several times and here's my best advice. First, if you only have one day, try to get wherever you want to fish the NIGHT before. Otherwise, you're going to spend a lot of travel time and very little fishing time. If you've got a limited time window, i suggest a float plane drop on a productive stream. Many of those guys that fly out of anchorage will be willing to pick you up later that day. It's a bit pricy though.

My next suggestion would be the deep creek or Kenai area. If you've never been, you'll want to hook up with a local, preferably a guide or you'll spend your only fishing day on education. If the halibut are still going, Homer is a beautiful trip but it will take a lot of time. Can be rough out there for those without sea legs.

I've never been there late Aug but i expect the coho would be thick in spots. If so, you could probably find a small stream and get lucky.

Hope that helps.


Originally Posted by Boots View Post
I'm begging for a little help here. I was just given the opportunity to go to Anchorage the week of Aug 27th on Biz. We are going to have one free day, and we'd like to book a day trip close to Anchorage for Salmon. Any suggestions on who I could/should use?
Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
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