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Gill nets provide a easy scapegoat for lack of fishing opportunity. You can "see" nets but you can't see the silent killing of turbines, warming waters, and reduced flows. We are looking at 70 degree water temperatures near the mouth of the Columbia right now. It would be interesting to know what the temperatures would have been 250 years ago before so much habitat destruction and dewatering had occurred.

We all blame the nets but really we have nothing but ourselves to blame. I read the other day about a tributary stream that loses more than 70% of the out-migrating juveniles before they reach the first mainstem dam! This has nothing to do with mainstem issues and harvest, it's all about habitat.

We know what it takes to make rivers healthy again but society continues to take the path that's best for us, not the species. Even today wetlands and river corridors are still being cleared for homes and roads while at the same time we spend money on planting a few token trees and dumping in another million hatchery fish...................that'll fix it. One need only look at the production of the Hanford Reach to fully appreciate what the Columbia and tributaries once produced.......in the words of Meriwhether Lewis, "inconceivable".

And people talk about the "amount of money being spent on salmon" as excessive. BPA's budget for the entire Columbia Basin Fish Projects in 2007 is in the 150 million dollar range. This sounds like alot of money until you consider the the US House passed a 284 Billion dollar farm bill today....a billion equals a thousand millions by the way, 284 billion is 284,000 million. We are also spending somewhere around 12 billion dollars a month for the Iraq war. It's all about priorities and sadly salmon are not high on the list.


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