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Originally Posted by JD77 View Post
I guess if I only look at the stock market, then maybe. Catering to 1%ers typically results in a loosening of regulation that gives the market a bounce. We have certainly seen a bounce.

But if I put on my sportsman hat, a guy that enjoys the outdoors and wants to keep public spaces public and have something to catch and hunt, election day can't get here soon enough.
There is no barrier to entry to the stock market, none! Sure you need money but if you have money, you to can enjoy the American ride. And it doesn’t take much to get started.

And from your sportsman/ political side I’m assuming you mean getting to vote out our crazy political left in this state because as far as I can tell the left has been running/driving the NW environmental policies for decades and we have little to show for it. you couldn’t possibly be talking about a president who has only been in office three years and blaming him for what you are or are not able to kill or harvest in the NW. I guess since he has been president for three years it’s now ok to blame every political woe, complaint, disagreement on him. Lol
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