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How about setting the area aside as a special "Primitive Recreation Area". No RV's, not asphalt, no ATV's. Manage it primarily for salmon and wildlife, and folks can enjoy the types of recreation that are most compatible with that designation.

However, something tells me there would be just as much opposition to that kind of proposal, since we'd be "locking the area up." I'm confused as to whether people are upset at seeing the area turned into a heavily developed park, or angry that people from Portland and elsewhere will start using it in increased numbers.

Oh, and on the Steelheaders... they represent members throughout Oregon. Not just the locals who enjoy the area now.

Personally, my questions would start with "if we don't go the park route, what will that area be like in 20 years?"

Population growth and developing IS hammering fish and wildlife habitat around the state, and Tillamook County is certainly no poster-child for responsible growth. Quite the opposite. If the choice is between seeing that area clear cut under the state forest plan, or making it a park, the park might be the best option for the fish.
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