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Default Re: New Nehalem Park Meeting

Really the problem is we need more camping areas for families to enjoy. Playing video games and watching TV is bad, right? But really, all we need is a place like BarView. No paved spaces, not hanging on the edge of a cliff overlooking sensitive areas, just a place for us to camp and be comfy and safe, then we can explore from there.

I love the Nahalem. My uncle lives in Wheeler and I spend lots of $ and fish the bay and mushroom hunt and on and on. But I have Washington plates and so I am part of the problem, too. There is no better place for a sportsman than the Oregon Coast.

I absolutely object to the park. But build me some more campsites somewhere less sensitive! I don't care, as long as I can squeeze in my 6-pack (family)!

You are all on the right track! It's tough to be so close, yet have so little input on these issues.

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