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Originally Posted by Jerry Dove View Post
I did not say I thought it was a good idea. I don't know if it is or not. All I said is,,, lets have all the TRUE FACTS.
Fact!northernstar is a newly formed corporation which has never built anything and is a completely un-proven entity with no record of saftey.
northernstar recieved $100 million in financing from a new york corporation specializing in "high risk investments" Even northernstar admits that it lacks the estimated 1 billion it needs to build the proposed terminal.northernstar's willingness to cut corners on saftey is highlighted by their decision not to odorize the imported gas before sending it through at least 34-miles of pipeline crossing,clatsop,columbia and cowlitz counties.
Their faliure to adopt this basic and inexpensive saftey precaution says alot
about their concern for the public.
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