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Originally Posted by fishonthebrain View Post
I ride a Yamaha FXHO. Before I purchased it, I managed to test ride all of the manufactures and models that had my attention for an ocean fishing stead. None of my choices had turbo's or superchargers for reliability and fuel economy for long runs. I also fish with a person that rides a Kawasaki Ultra LX. Before I go into the reasons I purchased my FXHO, I will give my unbiased opinion on the Kawasaki Ultra LX:

If I was asked by someone getting into PWC fishing about what machine they should look at, I would need to ask them where and how they plan on fishing. It is hard to beat the price and value of the Kawasaki Ultra LX- you get a big, deep, stable hull along with a bullet proof power plant, that is fuel efficient. If you look hard for a year end clearance or for a dealer that has a previous years model still, they're available for under 9K new without a trailer (I found them south of that when I was last looked). Lot of machine for the money. I believe the Kawasaki hull is slightly better in the big water than my FXHO. However when running hard in less than favorable conditions both ski's run and handle chop/swell combo well.

Now for the reasons that I chose the FXHO after riding numerous Seadoo's and the Kawasaki Ultra.

-I can run it conservatively for longer fishing trips and it's fuel burn is very good.
-The 180 horsepower motor has plenty of grunt to power through, around or 180 on a wave if needed.
-It's plenty fast for a fishing ski (governed at 63mph).
-It handles and turns smoothly, provides an easy enjoyable ride even in rough water.
-Stability is great, even when loaded; When fishing, I usually sit sideways on the seat to easily get to equipment and drop fish into the cooler, I've never felt compromised.
-Trolling, even slow for salmon; the handle bar mounted F/N/R controls (Seadoo has this also)make it effortless to maintain whatever speed you want.
-For me the cruise assist is great on normal ocean days-I can dial in my speed/rpm to get optimum fuel burn to speed and not think about it much.
-With the handlebar throttle & F/N/R controls maneuvering in tight quarters is pretty easy.

My biggest complaint with the FXHO- there is a pretty good array of factory electronics on the machine which are normally very nice to have. However there is a big exception to this: the security/learn mode remote. This remote is not waterproof-salt water will kill it. This remote is stupid expensive, it looks like the cheapest knock off car alarm remote you have seen. Yet it costs $170 at the dealer and then you have to pay the 1/2 hour minimum to have the dealer program your ski to the remote. They have to plug a special electronic harness into the ski to read the new remote. The same 1/2 hour of shop time is needed to reprogram if the battery dies. I searched online for a patch/work around for this, I was unable to find one as this module is also the security system. Luckily my ski was in the garage when the remote died from saltwater exposure, as the machine was somehow stuck in 'Learning mode'.

Currently with the models available, I would replace my ski with another FXHO for fishing.
Fantastic writeup. Would really enjoy seeing more pics of your pwc, and some details on the work you had done to it.
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