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Originally Posted by sadiesassy View Post
Last time I read the drivers manual - it was in there. Go find a drivers manual.

You do not need to label everything on the freeway. We can expect people to have actually read the rules of the road. Which might be a good refresher for a lot of people.

Fast lane ( commonly called passing lane) is far left lane- right lane is for slower vehicles. They actually post a sign "Slow traffic use right lane"- If you are not doing the flow of traffic - get in the right lane.

If it irks you - suggest not driving on freeways. There are nice side roads you can take.
Isnt that pretty much what I said? Here it is again maybe you will read it this time "I do also know that slower vehicles are supposed to go to the far right lane."
I do also realize the left lane is for faster traveling vehicles, but those vehicles still should not be going over 65 mph. Am I wrong?

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