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Default Re: The state patrol rolling slowdown.

Originally Posted by sadiesassy View Post
I agree that "Fast Lane" may not mean fast to alot of people who have the belief that they are entitled to go any speed in any lane.
But in most states it is defined in their rules of the road as the inside lane while the outside lane is the slow lane. I think the signage reflects more that slower moving traffic to move to the right lane- if you are looking for sigange - other wise look atthe manual

I have lived in regions where people driving slow in the fast lane are ticketed for driving slow in the fast lane.
I think that you completely missed my point about where the fast lane is.

As far as I know all three lanes when the speed limit is posted 65 for autos, the speed limit is 65 mph. I do also know that slower vehicles are supposed to go to the far right lane.

So again I ask where is this so called fast lane that people speak of when all 3 lanes of traffic posted 65 mph?

If you havent noticed it kind of irks me when people say fast lane because there is no such thing as a fast lane on that stretch of freeway.
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