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Default Re: How to bait a hook, commercial style (herring)

Hi Mark Mc,

First, thanks so much for this post. If there were a "best of ifish" award for both the quality of the advice and the quality of the presentation, this post would have my vote for sure.

Second, I went to Englund's in Astoria yesterday (13 July 2004) with a printout of the first three pages of your post as reminders of what I wanted to buy. Well, guess what? There's been a run on the cable hooks and there were absolutely no snaps left at all. Moreover, Englund sales guys said, "What is going on here?" and were more than curious to look at the printout.

Finally, Sonny Maahs's snaps have been backordered for a long time, according to the folks at Englunds. Is there another source? Are they still available?

PostScript: While I was trolling the store for other necessities, a member of the staff rushed out to tell me that more cable hooks had just arrived. They refilled the bins and I was able to choose a few more to complete my kit. So, if other ifishers were frustrated by a lack of choice at Astoria Englunds, check again.

I also picked up several lengths of "commercial blades" and some Gamakatzu siwash hooks. And, 'till we find Mr. Maahs's clips, I found the escutcheon pins and rubber bands that can also be used to affix the bait.

Kind regards to all,
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