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Default Re: How to bait a hook, commercial style (herring)

- leader length behind the flasher can vary quite a bit...smaller bait on a smaller flasher might only be 24 inches. Large bait & large flasher up to 3 - 4 feet. Also, it should be proportional to the distance between the flasher & the sinker or downrigger wire so the flasher is located about 1/3 of the total length, on the bait side. On commercial gear the total leader length can be 18 to 24 feet long, or even longer if big hogs are being targeted. Your troll speed affects it too (faster=longer; slower=shorter). You just have to experiment around with all the variables.

- Any commercial gear store has these hooks (Scheiwe, Englunds, Harry's, SeaMar, etc)

- the 5 to 6 inch hooks have a 7/0 to a 9/0 gap. For hook size I don't distinguish between "sport" and "commercial" gear; rather, I choose the hook by the bait size. For a mojo Yaquina Bay herring, it needs a large hook. For a 4 to 5 inch bait, I use a 4 inch hook in a 4/0 size. Everything is proportional!

They are sized by: length / gap. For example a 3 1/2 - 4/0 is a 3.5 inch long, 4/0 gap.
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