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Default Re: How to bait a hook, commercial style (herring)

Oh, that's good stuff, but it would never outfish an FBR. Sorry, inside joke.

Seriously guys, cut and paste this post and save it. This is how all commercial fishermen fish bait and it works. If an RSK or plug cut was better, wouldn't they use it? It's SO much easier.

The best part about bait on a crowbar is it will fish for a LONG time.

Mark, you want to post one showing how to stick a chovie? Another way to do it is instead of using a bait snap (which I have NEVER done, GREAT TIP) you use a pin and a small length of copper wire. They also have these at Englunds. You just run the pin through the bait's head through the back hook and secure it in place with the light copper wire around his head. That is what the second hole is for on the crowbars and flat bars.

Good stuff.
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