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Default Re: Would like some hints on how to search (hunt) for Tuna

Take someone (like me) who is hopelessly addicted to casting to jumpers with jigs and swimbaits and makes their own swimbaits and jigs so they own hundreds and hundreds of all the good colors and them some.

One trip and you will have a terrible case of JUMPERITIS cureable only with large doses of jumpers caught on light gear until arms are like putty and you are actually happy when the fish breaks off or comes unhooked.

Cure only lasts a few minutes to a few hours so apply liberally.

But all this only applies to the late season tatics as early in the season like in june and july you see none or almost no jumpers and will still catch insane amounts of fish trolling the traditional gear. That is when temp breaks and color changes are most important and are the signals you are looking for to find the fish.

The late season run and gun is what I wait all year for (and now my lower unit needs replaced..long story) and is by far the most fun. when I troll for tuna early season I only reel in a fish if I have to or when the crew begs me to not make them reel in another one...LOL

Also try a search for tatics on here as it has been covered alot before and there is a ton of info to learn from.

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