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Default Would like some hints on how to search (hunt) for Tuna

Would appreciate advice on how Salty Dogs search (hunt) for Tuna once they deceide the area to to fish in. Most of us Salty Puppies need to learn the proper techniques and the Salty Dog forum is an excellent vehicle for passing on this information.

The SST/Charts are useful for identifying a relatively small area to fish, but how do you go about locating the tuna within this area?

Do you join up with several Salty Dogs to cover the area and communicate with each other what you find? Do you have a search or hunting pattern you use? Do you look at other maps such as contour maps to locate possible Tuna hangouts? If you don't see tuna on the surface or birds feeding what do you do? How much trolling to changing location by runnning at cruising speed do you do?

Thanks for your help. It is greatly appreciated and will be a great help to all Salty Puppies.

The Happy Tuna Fisherman
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