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Nothing to do with politics at all (although it would be simple if that was the case)... look at the backgrounds of many of the individuals put into place within the last 3 years. Strong support of extraction industries, privatization of public spaces, and deregulation of environmental regulations of almost any kind. What part of that is good for the average wealth outdoorsman in Oregon? I don't know about you but I like to sometimes catch a fish or see a deer when I am out enjoying the outdoors.

Not sure I follow the other part of your part of your post about better opportunities in other states. That certainly doesn't match my experience. Sure it is easy to get an antelope tag in Wyoming but that isn't evidence of proper management... just a lot of habitat for those critters over there!

Originally Posted by jimh View Post
Not even a little bit, but don’t let your politics for other issues get in the way of the facts.

You only have to look at other states to see how poorly OR, CA, and WA are run with respect to fish, outdoor activities, and wildlife. You should wonder why the fishing/outdoors/hunting is so much better in some of these other states. It doesn’t take a genius to see the federal govt is not the issue no matter which party is in power.
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