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Default Re: at the least be informed

Stew, guys such as Jack, Scott, myself and many others no exactly what the goals of the Broodstock program are. Its to put a better fish in the system to be harvested. A fish that has minimal to zero negative effect to wild fish. A fish that is far better than the out of baisn stock we have had forever.

For us it has never been a issue to increase the runs, but to provide the best hatchery fish possible. Consequently the relative fitness of Broodstock fish so closely resembles that of a wild fish that they do put fish back in the system. "And a fish that has no obvious genetic consequence." ( Hood River Broodstock Study )

Now I consider Scott A. a friend of mine we fish around each other 90 to a 100 days a year in the winter and he is right on track with the broodstock program. But to say he has the best grasp on it as any guide on the North Coast is kind of funny. Because that is the grasp we all have on the program. And trust me nobody has a better grasp on it than Jack Smith. No offense to you Scott at all, I know you know your stuff.

One thing that strikes me a little is that why those that challenge the broodstock program are always comparing how the wild fish tend to in most years have a relative fitness slightly better than BS fish. What is the point to that, do you think we are narrow minded enough to expect them to do better than wild fish? The fact is that they are so close that its effects are not dragging down the finess of Wild fish.

The broodstock program is like having your cake and eating it to. There are those that want a hatchery fish to take home, there are those that want wild fish to fourish. Hopefully most people want both. The broodstock program so far is providing us with that. Thats why we support it.

One other thing you need to remember without wild fish, there is no program at all. We hold habtiat and everything that follows the health of wild fish with the most importantcy. If wild numbers start to decrease, now this is my opinion the program would be halted. So to keep the program alive wild fish must prosper. And thats how most of us view the program.
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