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Default Re: at the least be informed

Here's a nut/bolts analysis of wild broodstock programs that does not entail any mathematical mental gymnastics.

Courtesy of Todd (Ripley):

Way back in my first post on this thread, I mentioned that my biggest concern with broodstock programs is that the people who run and participate in them don't have a specific goal in mind, or don't know the difference between supplementation and enhancement programs.

I'm seeing that play out here in this thread, too. When asked about how hatchery (broodstock fish are hatchery fish) fish have bad effects on wild productivity, someone shows a picture of a broodstock fish, or talks about the great returns of broodstock fish for harvest.

While it is a fine picture of a very pretty fish, and it may be neat to have lots of the broodstock fish return, those things have nothing at all to do with how those programs affect wild fish.

I think that before a broodstock vs. traditional hatchery program discussion is initiated for a specific river, I'd go through these questions:

1. Does the river need a hatchery program at all?

If no, don't do it. If yes...

2. Is the hatchery program for recovering wild fish, or creating harvestable fish? (These programs do not, and can not, do both).

3. If it's for creating harvestable fish, can the wild run afford the mining of eggs and sperm to create the harvestable fish?

If no, don't do it. If yes...

4. Is there a significantly higher productivity for every two fish put into the hatchery program versus every two left in the river?

If not, then don't do it. What's the point of spending money to create the same or less amount of fish that would have been created for free in the river? If yes...

5. What percentage of the hatchery fish spawn in the wild? What is the loss of productivity in the wild fish due to this interaction? Can the wild run afford this loss of production?

If no, don't do it. If yes...

Then have a hatchery broodstock program, and monitor it very closely to see that the answers to the above questions are continually asked and continually answered affirmatively. Don't get wedded to the idea of doing the program if it ceases to be needed, or ceases to be successful.

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