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Default Re: at the least be informed

Just as an example if you look at more than a sound bite of the Hood River study which is entilted "RELATIVE REPRODUCTIVE SUCCESS OF HATCHERY AND WILD STEELHEAD IN THE HOOD RIVER". You will find interesting facts not included in Mr.Bakke's report. Under the conclusion portion,article 2, it reads "Fish from new, conservation hatchery stock have fitness that is about equal to that of wild fish(less than wild in two years,greater than in the third year).The same pattern is apparent whether one examines the relative fitness of individual parents or that of pairs that left at least one offspring. The similar fitnesses Hnew xW and W x W pairs, suggests that having Hnew fish in the system is probably not obviously dragging down the fitness of the wild population for genetic reasons (as might have been expected under some models;e.g.Lynch and O'Hely,2001).Thus the conservation hatchery program appears to have added a demographic boost to the population without having obvious negative genetic consequences-atleast in regards the effects of domestication selection and mutation accumulation that should occur in the hatchery. We have not yet conducted a formal analysis of the effect of the hatchery program on the effective size of the wild population(e.g.Ryman et al., 1995) but the high levels of microsatellite diversity we still observe in both runs suggests that reduced effective size is not a problem." Once again these are the actual conclusions by those who did the research not some other party's analysis or opinion.
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