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Default Re: at the least be informed

The most disturbing trend I see is habitat destruction.
I am in favor of every reasonable effort to restore the quality of spawning areas and water quality.

Harvest issues must be addressed on those rivers that now allow wildfish harvest (Umpqua, Hoh, etc). I don't think the current harvest rates make sense at all in the long-run.
The Hoh river has excellent quality of habitat (Olympic Nat'l Park), yet the run is in a tailspin....overharvest & management methods MUST be the reason....I cannot think of another one. That river should be teeming w/ steelhead, but it doesnt anymore.

When I look at the development occuring on the west coast, I fear that the public doesnt understand the seriousness of the problem.

The hatchery fish issue is a tough one. We all want a fish to take home, but how best to accomplish a harvestable # of fish? That is the question we face-- how are we able to help ourselves & the fish at the same time?

Does anybody have data from the Vedder in BC? This river has had a broodstock program for far longer than any river in WA or OR.

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