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Default Re: at the least be informed

While I think broodstock programs have a lot of potential to provide substantial returns of quality harvestable fish, I agree that it is dangerous to think they can be used as a long term solution to rebuilding wild stocks.

All this research boils down to common sense. The very reason hatcheries are so productive is by removing selective environmental effects that occur in the wild. By "babying" fish from the egg through smolt stages, fish that would otherwise have been weeded out in the wild due to a wide array of genetic vulnerabilities, survive providing the "surplus" fish. Big suprise that genetic viability begins to degrade even within the first generation in the hatchery.

Don't get me wrong though, I believe hatcheries are here to stay (being politically invincible). I would just like to see them managed with minimal impact to what remains of our native stocks. Maybe if we put half the resources into habitat restoration that we put into hatcheries, native fish might begin to rebound.


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