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Default Re: Elliott State Forest Updates

March 2015 Update:

· Department of State Lands staff are working on three potential paths forward for the Elliott as directed by the State Land Board at their December 2014 meeting: (1) new management; (2) continued management by Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) under a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP); and (3) transfer of ownership. Transfer by open public auction is not being pursued at this time.

· DSL is interested in and open to any ideas on how best to pursue any of these scenarios.

· DSL will return to the Land Board in June 2015 to report on status of the work on possible paths forward.

· The two remaining parcels in the Elliott approved for sale by the State Land Board in December 2013 are on hold while paths forward are being evaluated.

New Management
· DSL is evaluating potential contract arrangements and constraints for managing the Elliott, including levels and types of indemnification necessary to adequately protect the state’s interests.

Continued ODF Management
· DSL is continuing discussions with ODF and federal agencies (NOAA, USFWS) on a technical conceptual approach to bridge gap in proposed HCP approaches for the Elliott.

· HCP status assessment in early March 2015.
· Leadership meeting is scheduled for late April 2015 to decide status of HCP effort.

Transfer of Ownership

· DSL has provided information to legislators interested in pursuing concept of a trust land transfer (TLT) tool, perhaps similar to the program in Washington state. HB 3474 has been introduced.

· DSL staff is developing ideas to solicit and evaluate ownership proposals for an eventual transfer of some or all of the Elliott to a new owner.

· Staff is working on a land appraisal design to acquire a more precise estimated value for some or all of the Elliott.

· The DSL website will be updated regularly.
· Meetings with stakeholder groups will be scheduled as needed and requested.

John Potter: 503-569-8979; [email protected]
Stephanie Cummins: 503-428-4773; [email protected]
Julie Curtis: 503-510-6860; [email protected]
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