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I pluck the majority of my waterfowl, (except Divers, they get completely de-fatted,stir fried) I then Bake them in a roasting pan 7 Ducks or 1 Canada. 2 hours at 350deg then I shut off oven and let birds sit in oven un opened for 1 hour. Then I pull the roasting pan out and set it on stove to cool. Once the birds are cool enough to to debone. I remove all meat. I then divide it all up into 1 quart zip lock bags. These get frozen for future use. Specs and Snow geese are basically unpluckable, So these get breasted and delegged. Legs get deboned and equally split between breasts. Then frozen uncooked. Over the course of the year. All get eaten with rice and veggies. Or turned into nuggets and fried for dipping sauce.
I have been wrong once before. Just once mind you. It was for several years, Ok A decade or more. But just the once.
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