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Default Re: about done with Prineville Res for the year

This batch that we are catching now. the 9-10" fish were 7-8" fish last summer. From What I read these 9-10" fish should be 3 years old. I don't know where they all came from. If they are 3 years old then that means were spawned in 2016, which was a low water year. 2017 was a full reservoir to start, then last year it again got pretty low. Had a full res this spring again. I haven't heard anyone with a theory on why there are so many all of the sudden after years (2005 was last time I caught a lot but they were the two year old 7" fish) of very low numbers. But gonna get while the gettings good. I hope these are up to 11"+ next year.

I know there are tons of baby(dime size) fry in the lake. We have caught a few trout this year while crappie fishing that were just stuffed with the little fry crappie.
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